Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Here's Melissa's Bag! My sister has requested a backpack version in blues and greens for CNITU -- I'll post the very easy pattern as soon as I remember to write it down. Posted by Hello


Bill Walker said...

love the flowers! congrats on a lovely bag!

spinnity said...

Oh very nice. The stripes are quite fun and the flower-as-buttonhole is a very sweet touch. Congratulations, designer gal!

Jeni said...

Hey that's a great bag! Congratulations. The colors are perfect for the season too!

Christina said...

How cute! The edging is a nice touch too.

~ Christina

kevin said...

I'm becoming more convinced that this is rebecca ennals, and quite frankly that scares the fuck out of me. How could someone who was once so interesting and vital, turn into this homogenized knitting flake. I know my words fall on deaf ears, as you probably have chorales of like minded people to comfort you. I suppose it's just saddening when age equates not to wisdom, or at the very least humor about oneself, but instead a kind of happy, blind march toward death.

good luck-I know yer happy, if you type faster, at least it makes it easier to swallow.


Anonymous said...

if this isn't rebecca ennals I apologize profusely, I found this thru a link via steph mccanles.