Saturday, June 03, 2006

For your admiration and delight...

I hereby present... the Yarn Party Poncho, from Sally Melville's Colors, modeled by the Princess M herself, at her 4th birthday party!

Yarns are GGH Samoa, Amelie, and Capri, various Great Adirondacks in colorway 124, Target's $1 ball of fuzzy fur, and a nice sparkly one from Wool in the Woods.

PM was a bit flumoxed by the poncho at first. She kept looking for somewhere for her arms to go, then slipping it down like a skirt. Finally we explained "like a cape!" and she got it.

I should also mention that she got a pair of pink slippers from Mom Wiz. Here she is putting them on:

And showing them off:

The next day, DH modeled his socks at the Memorial Day BBQ. I think they're quite fetching with his sandals, although I am not normally a socks-and-sandals fan.

Here's a close-up: