Saturday, June 03, 2006

For your admiration and delight...

I hereby present... the Yarn Party Poncho, from Sally Melville's Colors, modeled by the Princess M herself, at her 4th birthday party!

Yarns are GGH Samoa, Amelie, and Capri, various Great Adirondacks in colorway 124, Target's $1 ball of fuzzy fur, and a nice sparkly one from Wool in the Woods.

PM was a bit flumoxed by the poncho at first. She kept looking for somewhere for her arms to go, then slipping it down like a skirt. Finally we explained "like a cape!" and she got it.

I should also mention that she got a pair of pink slippers from Mom Wiz. Here she is putting them on:

And showing them off:

The next day, DH modeled his socks at the Memorial Day BBQ. I think they're quite fetching with his sandals, although I am not normally a socks-and-sandals fan.

Here's a close-up:


alimum said...

yes, knitting is making all of us appreciate the footwear fashions of German tourists.

Back before handknit socks: "Please, do not wear socks with the Birkenstocks."

Post knitting of socks: "Socks don't look so bad with sandals after all."

The poncho looks great. I wanted more close up shots of the poncho.

shorelinesue said...

Hi there Wiz knitting goddess, I just want to thank you again for PM's fabulous poncho. I'm sure that she will get lots of use out of it, especially when the weather turns colder. It is so beautiful and I am delighted to see PM in this hand made gift. It means a lot to us to have something made with love by Auntie Becca. :)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

P.S. She's enjoying the slippers too. Not just for keeping tootsies warm, but as treasure holders as well!

Jo said...

Love the poncho - I'm glad the recipient loves it! I think that may be the pattern for the next poncho I make.

I'm jealous that your Husband Socks are being worn. I've noted to DH that he can wear his any time and I won't be pissed if the heels wear out, but they haven't appeared in the laundry basket yet...