Sunday, August 20, 2006

Where did the summer go?

It always happens this way... the summer Shakespeare schedule gets crazy, and there's no time to blog. But summer camps ended Friday, and I've got a short breather between major work projects, so it's time to catch up!

Here are a few fun highlights:

In June, I started work on the Fizz cardigan from Beach Cool by Rowan, in cotton braid color #357.

My Bollywood "Taming of the Shrew" opened in Stinson Beach in early July, with wonderful weather, a wonderful cast, and fortunately wonderful reviews. Here's the set against the Marin hills.

In my production, Kate (the shrew)'s weapon of choice is a knitting needle.

CNITU turned 3 and blew out the candles on a train cake he helped to make himself.

CNITU2 got cuter, if such a thing is possible. Here we are at the birthday party.

Mom Wiz came for a visit, and on July 20, we joined a lot of other knitters at AT&T Park for Stitch 'n' Pitch. Here's Spinnity and Mom Wiz:

The yarn they gave away was horrid, but we all got a pair of nice needles, and it was a fun time.

Early August, we enjoyed my BF's birthday at Teatro Zinzanni in SF -- I wore the Charlotte's Web shawl Spinnity made for me. Here we are, birthday girl in the middle.

There was a fun activity day with Princess M, including pancakes, a trip to the Exploratorium, and a ride on the train in Central Park. She really liked her pancakes:

Is it any wonder I want to knit for these children constantly? Could they be any cuter?

In knitting news, I've been hanging out at Nine Rubies regularly for Knitting Meet-up. The sample baby blanket I made for them sold for $350! Valerie at Come Ci Interiors wants to carry my kids' bags and backpacks later this fall.

I finished the Fizz cardigan in early August but have yet to take a picture. I also finished a Christmas sweater for CNITU2 -- soooo ahead of deadline! Here it is -- it's a Wendy/Peter Pan yarns pattern for Velvet Touch, color 1224. Kind of a weirdly written pattern, I made a few changes to it along the way to make it look right. But I'd definitely do it again, the results are superb and it's the softest, cuddliest thing ever, and machine washable.

I have a couple of other Christmas projects in the works, but they're secret!

Last Sunday I took a machine knitting class at Knitting Arts -- very interesting, and I definitely want to try more. Spinnity has a machine I can borrow. Here's the swatch I made, but it's curling too much to see clearly.

Overall, a pretty good summer -- work has been tough, but rewarding, and despite the 60-hour weeks, there's been some fun family time.


spinnity said...

Awesome summer wrap-up with lots of photos, thanks!! There sure were lots of parties and lots of theater.

I am eagerly awaiting the yet-to-be-taken Fizz photo. I was there when all the Fizz started.. so I really want to see the finished object. I hope we get to see it and you soon!

Anonymous said...

You are a human dynamo. Hard to believe all you can cram in to 24 hour days!! Mom W

Jo said...

Somehow i managed to completely miss that baby sweater you have on reserve for Christmas. Good for you to be working ahead!