Tuesday, September 12, 2006

End-of-summer productivity

I've been feeling very designer-ish lately. First off, I'm a sample knitter for Great Knit Designs, Ada's fantastic knitting software company. My assignment is a skirt and sweater set, and I just love this idea -- it's so 1960s. I've been cataloging stash yarn, trying to figure out if there's something I can use.

I went down to visit the Laguna Beach crowd (including the CNITUs), and knit CNITU2 a new hat (he's outgrown the old one.) It was fun to design while I could try it on him. I wanted sort of a party hat with a floppy tassel -- I had to rip almost the whole thing back once, but it turned out really cute!

Here it is off the model.

And on the model.

I tried to get a closer side view, but of course if I came near him he just turned to smile at me, and I ended up with a big blur. But a really cute baby smile every time, which was nice. He's the happiest little guy I know.

We visited the beach on Friday -- what a great day! CNITU and the DH made a huge hole in the sand.

CNITU2 just ate sand. He loves eating sand.

Saturday Sis and I went to the LYS, Strands and Stitches, and picked out yarn for a throw for Sis' new couch. It's beautiful, all creams and browns and blues and greens. I'm planning to use the Great Knit Designs software to design it.

Meanwhile, I've just been swatching, sketching, and planning for the holidays. Oh, and the secret project is a lovely FO, but I can't post it until Christmas!


Anonymous said...

What very cute nephews!! Sounds like you had a lovely time in LA. I see Adam had fun being his usual big kid with Peter. Your knitting projects sound interesting. I'm just making hats out of bits of yarn left over from other projects. I make some every year to give to the school district's warm hats and coats collection project in Dec. Love, Mom W

Mel said...

Looks like a good time was had by all! I love the new hat, and the old one too for that matter. I might have to pick your brain to get the patterns for little Ziggy.

alimum said...

Sand, yummy yummy sand!

spinnity said...

Adorable nephews plus adorable hats. This *almost* makes up for the long wait until we see the secret project and other Xmas secrets!