Friday, May 26, 2006


I found time to go to Full Thread Ahead yesterday. And they had the right colorway of the DH sock yarn. Wrong dyelot, but since they're both already knitted to the same spot, the two socks will still look relatively the same.

The DH tried the socks on yesterday, before I finished the first one:

Is it me, or are they kind of thick? I'm worried they won't fit in his shoes. He was between two sizes, and I went for the bigger size, so they're already a bit big. They're awfully cosy, but since the man is never cold, I wonder if he'll get much use out of them. That, of course, means that they'll last for years and years, which is always nice.

Now I have to share Alimum's genius, since I just saw this on her knitting blog:

How fantastic is that? There's a fuzzy white bikini in the same post, it's almost too fabulous to wear. Alimum is the person who knit me the purple mohair scarf before I knew anything about knitting or how much effort something like that takes to create. She is divinely talented and a very good writer, so her blogs are fun to read.

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alimum said...

Thank you.

As for the socks, they don't look too thick. Besides, men seem to wear thicker socks than women (words like denier are not in their hosiery vocabulary) so I think what may seem "too thick" for a woman is "just right" for a man. Regarding the "never getting cold," it is easy to worry about such things in June, but come December, those socks will get a lot of wear (unless you decide to move to aren't planning to move to Hawaii are you? Good, I don't think there are any good yarn stores in Hawaii.)