Friday, May 19, 2006

Not much to report... the knitting world, anyway. Professionally speaking, things are crazy, with two final student performances in the last week, plus preparation for my next directing gig (Taming of the Shrew). Throughout all this, I've been stuffing the DH socks into my purse. There are some issues with the DH socks at the moment:

1. I stopped just short of the toe on sock #1 because I weighed the yarn and was about halfway through it. I'm nearly to the same spot on sock #2, and it definitely looks like these will be yet another pair of contrasting-toe socks.

2. Unfortunately, this Cherry Tree Hill yarn comes in really small dye lots, and I've never seen this particular colorway anywhere but in this one beautiful skein. Solution -- blue or brown toes! Cherry Tree Hill makes a nice indigo yarn in the same weight.

3. Full Thread Ahead, the only place I know of on the Peninsula to buy Cherry Tree Hill, closes at 6 on weekdays, thus making it impossible for me to get there after work. And I'm gone over the weekend. When will I get my yarn? What if I run out of this skein before I get a chance to get over there?

Yes, you know what will happen if I run out of yarn. I will start something else. And if I start something else, the DH socks will languish, toeless, in a drawer until who knows when.

I do have a triumphant FO to boast about, but I can't say anything about it here until the end of the month, after a certain birthday. Let's just say it's very cute, and was much admired at the San Mateo meet-up on May 10.

I think my next project will be the Peter Pan toddler sweater for CNITU2 -- the goal is to make it to fit next winter. Yes, I'm starting the Christmas presents now. I've been a knitter for almost 2 years now, and I'm learning a thing or two.


Mel said...

Eep! You're right, in the knitting world Christmas is around the corner. Time to dust off all those projects I was going to make last year but didn't get to.

The sock yarn you're using really is goreous! You have a very luck DH.

spinnity said...

I know color matching is tough.. but you could send one of your South Bay Agents to F.T.A. on your behalf to choose a Toe Yarn.

Can't wait for the photos of the Secret Object, which is really cute and should look great on the giftee.

Bogie said...

Give Knitting Arts a call and see if they have the CTH colorway you're looking for. I'm sure you'd be able to twist someone's arm to go pick it up for you. ;-)

Wiz Knitter said...

Hmmm... didn't know Knitting Arts carried CTH. That's a plan.

If I'm going to use a contrasting yarn, I want to take the socks with me for matching. Otherwise, I would employ an agent in a second.

I have now officially run out of the CTH yarn, so I'll have to do something soon!