Friday, December 16, 2005

Another long hiatus

After this one, it will be amazing if anyone's still reading this blog! My very good excuse is that I have been rehearsing and performing in "A Christmas Carol" up in Napa. I think it turned out rather well, so if you're interested visit our website for more information.

In a triumph of holiday knitting, I also finished four purses for the trunk show in Laguna Beach. I failed to finish the fifth. Turned out that the sale was badly attended, anyway, but I did sell one purse! Zofia, the sherbet-colored one with sparkly maribou trim. Wendy is keeping the other three in the shop for the time being. It was a fun experiment, but I have to admit that it got boring, knitting the same thing four times in a row. I couldn't wait to get back to Lucas' onesie.

I *did* take all kinds of photos, still in the camera, of course, but I promise, they're coming.

I have not been to a knitting meet-up in ages due to all this rehearsal stuff, but last Wednesday I did spend a delightful evening with M.O. at Julie's in Alameda, working on our Christmas knitting projects. We like Julie's; they are very knitter-friendly and have a crafting night every Friday. And very good teas, coffees, and cookies.

The rest of my modest Christmas knitting is a secret. I have not taken on any big ambitious projects this year, except for the onesie, and that's progressing well. Needed a break from deadlines. But for all of you who are counting the hours, keep the faith! You will make it!


Christina said...

Very nice bio and photo on the NVRT website. Who did you "appear" as in "A Christmas Carol"?

Congrats on selling a purse! Especially if the sale wasn't as well attended as you had hoped. That means your stuff was well liked by the few who came. :)

Looking forward to the photos.

~ Christina

Anonymous said...

Nice to "read" you again. It means you are about ready to come up for air from your busy schedule. Hope you have a safe trip to your sister's and a lovely time there. Mom W.

Wiz Knitter said...

I am playing Mrs. Cratchit and Mrs. Dilber (Scrooge's housekeeper) as well as some small ensemble roles.

rattybluestockings said...

OK, you HAVE to start doing THIS:

Wiz Knitter said...

Oh my god, I'm completely in love with those women. Hmmm... where to start?