Monday, April 17, 2006

The socks at last!

I'm too tired to write much, so I'll relate tales of our Easter weekend in LA at another time. This post is all about photos I should have posted a long time ago. First of all, here they are, the Olympic socks!

Here's also a photo Alimum has been asking for, of me in a scarf she knit for me long before I knew how much work she had put into it. It's a great lace mohair scarf, very beautiful:

Here's CNITU2 in his favorite hat, the one with the letter "L" that I knitted for him in January:

Ooo, de shnuggems! He makes me talk all silly!

Finally, here's me starting the DH's socks on the way to LA. I loooove this Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. It's glorious. And the DH has decided it's not too girly, so there's some hope he'll wear the socks even though they aren't black.


jeni said...

Wow, those socks are really gorgeous. I know you probably said it before but what pattern and yarn did you use?

alimum said...

What gorgeous socks! What a beautiful baby! (and a very cute hat, too, I might add)

If I had known you had this much innate talent in the fiber arts, I would have forced some yarn and needles on you years ago.

You should come visit and we can go yarn shopping together--or I'll come visit you and you can take me on a knitters tour of the Bay Area.

spinnity said...

Love them knee socks! and I bet you got lots of great work done on the DH socks in the car. CNITU2 clearly needs a new hat... his head is just getting Too Big. So much knitting to do!

Jo said...

I worked on DH socks at Disneyland too! We'll have to compare progress next week...

Wiz Knitter said...

The knee socks are a pattern from Interweave Knits, Winter 2004 (I think) -- the one with the green fair isle sweater on the cover. It's a great issue. They're in Rowan 4-ply tweed.

A new hat for CNITU2 had been requested! The kid has a big head.

And Alison, we really must do a visit in one direction or the other some time before Julian is all grown up! You, he, and Fred are always welcome!