Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Xmas List

Fun! I'm writing this in the new Blogger Beta, so I can change fonts and text colors. I like it!

The DH is always suggesting to yarn stores that they introduce on-line gift registration for clueless husbands, but this is tricky for most LYSes to manage on limited staff and budget. I'd love to create a sort of Amazon-style wish list for yarn and things, but the local yarn stores I like to patronize can't really do that.

SOOOO... I'm creating this wish list for the holidays for family members who are looking for the perfect knitter gifts. Some of these items are available at local yarn stores such as Knitting Arts, Fengari, and Nine Rubies, and I'd much rather you go there (if you live locally) than spend extra on shipping and handling. But some places, like KnitPicks, offer really great deals on some of the things I want, and are useful for those out-of-town people (Hi, MomWiz!) who are always asking the DH what I want for Xmas.

PLEASE do not feel as if I am begging for gifts. This list is certainly not meant to imply that anyone should feel obligated to give me anything for Xmas. I have a lot of yarn (and other stuff) already, and if you do want to give a gift, I am just as happy to have donations made to my pet charity, Heifer International. (If you've never been to their site before, please go now, but I suggest you grab a box of tissue first. It's powerful stuff.)

So without further ado...

Wish List 2006, Part One: Books and Tools (all these items are linked from, for the out-of-towners, but most can be found elsewhere)

  1. KnitPicks magnetic chart keeper

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Juls said...

I have the Knitting Nature, and it's really the perfect "gift" book for a knitting enthusiast. Hope someone gets it for you!