Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Exciting weekend

News... I am soon to join the ranks of married people! My sweetie proposed on Saturday on the beach in Big Sur. The ring is gorgeous, a sapphire surrounded by diamonds. It was not a huge surprise; I expected it to happen some time in the next few weeks, but the moment it happened I was definitely taken by surprise. Wedding in March!

We took a bunch of blog-bound photos this weekend, including me knitting at 4000 feet on a hike in the Ventana Wilderness. The project? Cardigan for Best Nephew in the Universe. It's coming along slowly; nowhere near the speed of Spinnity's lovely Narcisse sweater. I'm looking forward to vacationing with the Nephew and his lovely parents next week. I'm going to knit and knit and knit! Of course, my sister will also drag me out to shop for wedding dresses, a prospect I view with some dread and trepidation. Having worked briefly in the industry, I know it's an enormous scam. However, I look forward to a Koigu wedding shawl from Spinnity.

Other knitting news... not much to report! I am making steady progress on the spidery sparkly poncho. Expect to have a FO while on vacation. Cardigan will be done by Xmas, if I'm lucky. I really want to start something from Vintage Knits as well, in a Rowan yarn. Love Rowan. I'm planning a naughty little visit to Knitting Arts tomorrow, to pick up a dragonfly button to decorate the poncho.


spinnity said...

Mazel tov, enganged woman! Be sure to take your Vintage Knits book with you to Knitting Arts *just in case* they have the yarn to make one of your next dream objects. See you Wednesday!

Wiz Knitter said...

Oops, silly me. Forgot to bring the book. Of course, this will probably help me curb my habit. Plus, I must discipline myself and get this cardigan done!!!

JBuchanan said...

Congrats my friend. If I make it to Cali before I leave I would love to meet the lucky man. Wow!
I knit too so thanks for the invite to your site. I haven't been too inspired this summer, but I'm sure once the weather turns, I'll have a project too share.