Thursday, September 02, 2004

Macaroni Duck

The traditional Wisnewski-Walker-Ennals macaroni duck night was buzzing with pre-wedding discussion last night. Arguments about the guest list were safely postponed until next week's vacation, when we'll have more time to talk about them.

Although we spent most of the evening eating, chatting, and playing Munchkin, I did have an "a-ha!" moment when I created my best buttonhole yet on the Best Nephew Cardigan. I think it's all got to do with doing a knitting cast-on rather than a cable cast-on, and keeping the stitches nice and tight.

Also did the indulgent shopping trip to Knitting Arts -- I restrained myself and made my smallest purchase ever. I had a $20 credit on my stash card -- God, I love that, what a brilliant marketing move -- so I treated myself to the new Rowan magazine, and also got two vintage buttons and a length of silk ribbon. The buttons are green and gold (for the poncho) and blue and gold (reminds me of my ring, I may have to make something for the wedding. A little tiny purse with a button closure?) The ribbon is ombre dyed in reddish-pink, blue, and green -- a PERFECT match for Paris Nights!

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