Monday, September 13, 2004

Vacation, all I ever wanted!

Drat. Just wrote a whole posting and the computer crashed before I could hit "post."

The basic gist was that I just spent a week in Laguna Beach with the cutest nephew in the world (CNITU), and I am starting my third concurrent project, a little fuzzy white poncho that will turn him into a ghost for Halloween.

I also wanted to share my discovery that sunscreen, sand, and yarn do not mix well.

Laguna Beach has a lovely yarn store called Strands and Stitches. It's not Knitting Arts, but then, what is!?

And I bought my wedding dress.

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spinnity said...

Wow, the dress, the dress! I hope you felt all bride-y. Blogger tip from me... copy & paste your post in progress into some other app. I too have lost a whole post, but only once when my company network went down (grr.)