Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Ghosty with the Mosty

I am just barely going to make it, but Ghosty will be finished for Halloween, hooray! I knit for about six hours total on Saturday, and another two yesterday, and the hood is done -- thanks to Spinnity for the loan of Sally Melville's fab hood pattern; it works really well. The hood is now pinned to the body of the poncho, ready to be sewn up tonight. I am dreading the seams since the fuzzy whiteness of the things makes stitches so hard to see.

I think instead of embroidering ghost eyes and the word "Boo!" on the front, I am going to make little felt patches and sew them on -- faster, and also I saw a similar look on a children's cardigan in the Anthropologie catalogue and it was extra-cute.

Then I'll overnight the whole thing tomorrow morning, and Sister and CNITU will be all set just in case there is a Halloween party on Friday night!

Mission for Wednesday night's Macaroni Duck -- post pictures.

Oh, and there is a new Stitch 'n' Bitch starting Monday in Oakland with some theatre friends -- we'll have rotating hosts, so I plan to host one soon. Fun!

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