Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Lost Month

Oh, where did it go, that last month? I logged on today in shame, knowing that I had not written since the day after my first kntting meet-up, one full month ago! Updates in my life:

1. I finished the sparkly-fuzzy poncho and wore it to C&L's wedding on Oct. 10. (Many photos have been taken and will be posted just as soon as I figure out how to do that.) Much admired, esp since my sweetie made a point of telling everyone I made it myself. Weather was unusually warm so I ended up just wearing it in the evening. I also wore it at the Meet-up last night and there were some demands for the pattern. FYI all, it is a free pattern from Knitting Arts called Felicia/Paris Nights poncho. I changed the Felicia yarn to Softy since I wanted black and Felicia only comes in quite bright colors. I also got the vintage button and silk ribbon at Knitting Arts. As I was saying to C. last night, the flower could also be made separately and turned into a brooch, a cute, easy, and thoughtful Xmas gift!

2. I am slogging away on the ghosty poncho for CNITU. It is nearly 90 cm long, almost ready to fold in half and add the hood. Must finish by next Wednesday to put in mail on Thursday. Spinnity was an absolute goddess and designed the hood last night, based on a Sally Melville pattern.

3. Blue cardigan is lying lonely in my knitting project basket at home. I miss you, blue cardy and your lovely Rowan cotton yarn!

4. I directed a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream which is now touring the state. I guess that's where I went for the last month.

5. Wedding update -- have date, site, caterer, florist nailed down, and dress, of course.

I guess that's about it for updates! Keep checking in for pix of sparkly and ghosty, I promise they'll get here eventually.


Christina said...

Hey look, I found your blog too! I have to reiterate again how beautiful sparkly is. I really like the ruffle at the bottom and the flower is a great touch. Thanks for pointing me towards Knitting Arts for the patterns. And I have full faith you'll get ghosty done in time. You seemed to make great progress at the meetup last night. Lastly, I think you should totally start-up a SnB with your theater friend. How fun!

As a side note, I'm impressed you directed a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Sounds like you have talent girl!

~ Christina

Wiz Knitter said...

Yay, Christina, thanks for visiting! I think I will have to put up some photos of the Midsummer production as well! They're not yet posted at, but you can read a little bit about the show there. Bill Walker, Spinnity's hubby, composed the music with his colleague Pat Smith. Bill's blog is, I believe.

Christina said...

Wow, sounds like a pretty talented family! You should definitely post the pics. I'd love to see them!

spinnity said...

Hi hi! I'm back from weekend in Oregon (92 bird species seen, 1 dumping snowstorm survived, a good time was had by all) and back online. I'll be in SF Monday (tomorrow) all day for a conference and could stop by anywhere & see ghosty progress and offer any assistance if needed

Also, knitting at my house is on for Wednesday if you are able to come

see you soon!

Wiz Knitter said...

Hi Mary! Thanks for your call yesterday! And congrats on all the birdies. I look forward to Wednesday, when Blue Cardy will reappear at last.