Monday, December 20, 2004

Zen and the Blues

Thought I'd better write again, before everyone assumes that I have jumped off Pier 39 with moss st cardigan in hand.

I was listening to Elwood's House of Blues radio hour on KFOG last night, and his special guest was this very cool lady named E.C. Scott. Kinda sounded like Etta James. She said singing the blues doesn't make you depressed, on the contrary, it makes you happy. That made me think about Aristotle's poetics and catharsis, and that made me think about how blogging when you're depressed is a lot like singing the blues -- you get it out there, out of your system, and other people read it and say, "Right on, sister, you're okay."

So, I'm feeling better. I have decided to take a very Zen approach to Blue Cardy. It will not be done in time for Christmas unless I grow two more sets of hands and knit 24/7. But that's okay. It will be done when it's done. In the meantime, CNITU is much too young to care which particular day of the year he's supposed to get his prezies.

I did get the Christmas cards sent, which was a fairly major accomplishment.

I also did something quite decadent and sinful -- I purchased some ridiculously expensive green and brown ribbon yarn to make wraps for the bridal party. It's really perfect yarn and I couldn't resist it.


spinnity said...

Knitting is a good thing to take a Zen approach to. It happens when and as it happens. I'm sure you will finish Blue Cardy soon and then be free to knit something glorious for yourself

I found one more skein of that fab-o yarn at Knitting Arts on Wednesday and bought it for backup to the bunch you bought a week ago. Let me know if we need it!

Wiz Knitter said...

You are wonderful! I am sketching and thinking and trying to decide exactly how to use the fabo ribbon yarn. Either a shawl (triangular) or a wrap (rectangular) -- maybe even a wrap that decreases at each end with a bit of detail at the ends.