Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Good-bye, camera!

It gave up the ghost. Did not care for its salt water bath. But before it died, my DH did manage to salvage the card with photos intact. Here is my favorite girl PM with her birthday present from me:

And here she is with her bunny from Mom Wiz, and her mommy, of course:

And here I am, casting on for Camp Knitting! That's a nice ball of Prairie Silk from Brown Sheep. The circular is 12", which is too big. The pattern calls for 8" circulars, which don't exist. So I spent a lot of time pulling the plastic center cord between stitches.

And you'll have to imagine the completed fingerless gloves, as well as the almost-completed body for the White Lies lingerie camisole, since they happened after the camera's death.

Final note of the day -- props to Christine Stork, owner of Article Pract, an LYS in Oakland. (Don't you love that store name? It's a fun juxtaposition of "Practical Art.") She was cool enough to let our new TD at SF Shakes out of his work obligations there so that he could take over the TD position at short notice. Christine is hoping to replace him, so any potential yarn store employees should contact her at 510/595-7875. Please, also, if you are ever in the East Bay, go check out her store and buy something! 5010 Telegraph Ave. in Oakland. If the store's anywhere near as cool as the website, you'll be thrilled to be there.


Christina said...

Sorry to hear about the death of your camera. You have my deepest condolences. Now how are we going to see images of what you're working on? :(

BTW - Princess M matches that cute purse perfectly...adorable.

~ Christina

Jeff said...

Salt water does wonders (in a bad way) to cameras. Even more so to the digital ones. Bummer. :( Glad your DH was able to reclaim the card with photos. Nice to see them. :)

Looking forward to seeing the progress on the white lace design and the other work. I should look at the cool fingerless gloves again.