Monday, June 27, 2005

One-year Knitting Anniversary photos!

You'll notice that I have a tendency to lump all my photos into one posting. This is because I'm lazy, primarily, but I also like the way they all look together! I particularly like the pinks, blues, yellows, and greens in this spring-y posting.

First of all, I must dance the happy Blue Cardy dance! It's really done! I kid you not!

Here's the dark blue side, with nifty round buttons and pockets:

Here's the light blue side, with a little fish on the chest that I embroidered to match the buttons:

Here's the birthday gift together, cardy and backpack:

What have I learned from Blue Cardy?

1. Gauge is important. Without careful attention to gauge, your two contrasting sides won't fit together exactly, and there will be some puckering. This will bother you even if it doesn't bother anyone else.

2. Buy more yarn than you think you need, and don't give away the extra ball at a stash swap until you're quite sure you don't need it. (It was touch and go there at the end!)

3. If you don't feel like doing it just like the pattern, don't.

4. American children are way bigger than French children.

5. If your intended recipient outgrows the gift before you give it to him, never fear. People get pregnant all the time.

On to more fun photos! Here is a fun new project, made from Crystal Palace "Choo-choo" and "Squiggle." I got one ball of each at the Meetup Stash Swap, and decided to make a little easy belt, garter stitch on the bias, with the two yarns held together. I like it!

And here are some more photos of my Stash Swap acquisitions. This pile of yellow chenille and novelty acrylics are going to go toward a funky layette for the new CNITU sibling. (Sis is going to find out the gender in advance, so I'll combine it with blue or pink accordingly.)

I'm going to make this fluffy washcloth brown into teddy bears, and maybe a teddy bear costume for CNITU this Halloween.

Now a couple of things for me! First, the new project, the camisole from Vintage Knits (super close-up for full appreciation of Rowan cotton glace):

And here's White Lies lingerie, all ready for finishing. Scandalous!

Also, I was dissatisfied with the French knot I used as a button on PM's purse. Found the perfect button at Joann and replaced it on Saturday. She loves it! (She kissed it several times after I sewed it on. It might even get a name, we'll see.)

How satisfying to find the perfect final touch!


Christina said...

Yay! I love photos! Congrats on getting Blue Cardy finished. It really came out cute. I know it was a lot of work, but it sounds like you learned a lot. Cool.

The White Lies Lingerie looks pretty. With my sis getting married I might knit her some (or is it weird to knit someone else lingerie?) Did you enjoy working on it? Any tips?

~ Christina

P.S. Oh, and super cute ladybug button!

Wiz Knitter said...

Hooray for cute buttons! I LOVED knitting with the yarn for White Lies lingerie -- really soft and springy. (She spins it herself, and it comes with the kit.) In general, I thought the pattern was good, although the lace pattern works out a little differently from her photo, and don't even bother trying to do a full bikini back to the panty -- I got a few rows in and realized the pattern made no sense. The thong back works fine, and it's what the designer did, obviously. The finishing looks a little tricky, lots of elastic to deal with, so I'll let you know how that goes. If you decide to use a different yarn, I'm happy to lend you the pattern! And I think hand-knitted lingerie is a great wedding or shower gift.

mel said...

Oh wow! I'm so jealous, you have a ton of beautiful new yarn and lots of fun things on the needles. That cardi is just too dang cute, and the matching bag is perfect!

I completely agree with the sizing issue for kids stuff, you should never worry, if it's too small, someone will have a new baby soon, and if it's too big, someone will eventually grow into it.

Can't wait to see what you're working on next week!

spinnity said...

Happy anniversary, knuknitter! Your finished objects look fabulous, esp. Blue Cardy and your lovely purses. I find your creativity & intrepid spirit for trying new things inspiring. Knit on, woman!

PS.. can't wait to see lingerie finished!