Monday, November 07, 2005

New books, since I can't leave a knitting store empty-handed

At Wednesday's meet-up, I acquired two new books and a magazine. One was a carefully considered purchase, one was a whim, and one just jumped into my bag, helped there by my DH.

The first is the new issue of Rebecca Home. (I always like to pretend this magazine is named after me.) Some great Christmas ornament ideas (easy, fast gifts!), and a little bed jacket in GGH Amelie that I saw on-line and really like.

The second is last summer's Rowan. I like the pictures. I'll probably knit something from it eventually, but mostly it's for inspiration. It's all kind of girly and vintage and all that stuff I like.

Finally, I got a great book of patterns for kids called New Knits on the Block, by the host of Knitty Gritty. This is like Stitch 'n' Bitch for kids. My DH made me buy it for the miniature Viking costume, but I also like the mermaid, the chain mail, and the superhero cape. For an auntie who constantly finds herself knitting Halloween costumes, this is essential.

Speaking of which, CNITU was a major pill about wearing his Halloween costume this year. Sis managed to get a photo of him right before he took the hood off, which she says she'll email me shortly. Luckily there will be a new nephew next Halloween, who will have to be either a ghost or a bear.


Christina said...

Looking forward to seeing CNITU in his costume. You have me intrigued with the "great Christmas ornament ideas" in the new issue of Rebecca Home. What type of ornaments?

~ Christina

Wiz Knitter said...

There are some crocheted snowflakes and stars that I like, and some round fluffy balls, and some *great* little trees. All quite simple and charming.

spinnity said...

I was skeptical of the Howell book, but closer inspection dismissed my doubts. I am going to have to knit that Viking costumer full-size next Halloween for my darling spouse-o. Maybe a knitted replacement will make up for the Viking helmet I made him throw away when we moved in together!