Thursday, October 27, 2005

Pick an M&M, anyone?

First of all, I wrote Draft One of this post on Monday. For some reason, no matter how many times the universe proves me wrong, I never think I have to save my posts before posting them. Especially if they are particularly long or particularly (I think) witty. I even go through a thought process wherein I say to myself, "Self, you should save this before you try to do some fancy photo thing and the whole post vanishes into the blogosphere." And Self always says back, "Ha! I am all-powerful Blogger Babe! Take that, Me!"


I haven't had the heart to re-create this post for the last several days, because, as Garrison Keillor knows, the Great American Novel was the one you left behind on the train 10 years ago.

So the post was all about this sale at Vanessa's. Vanessa's is fairly far down my list of favorite LYS's, somewhere around #7. However, when they send me a postcard advertising an October pick-your-discount sale, of course I have to go. This is because, as the yarn harlot has said many times in much cleverer ways than mine, buying yarn is not about needing yarn. It's about the fact that somewhere out there, there is yarn that needs you.

(There, I just saved. Ha, Universe. Ha, Self.)

The postcard said that depending on whether you picked an orange, purple, green, or black jellybean, you'd get a 20%, 25%, 40%, or %50 discount. Shopping AND gambling combined! So I had to go.

Vanessa's carries a lot of Trendsetter and Crystal Palace (unlike other yarn shops I could name), as well as a whole wall of Cascade 220 and lots of Berocco. They also have random yummy things like Great Adirondack and this:

This is called Patagonia, and I've been admiring it since I received a sample from Yarn of the Month a little while ago. The color seemed appropriate to the season.

Vanessa, being smart, doesn't actually let you pick the jellybean until you are checking out. And in the end, they weren't jellybeans, but M&Ms (preferable to the DH, who sanctioned the yarn purchase since he was getting free chocolate out of the deal.)

I have to give Vanessa props for letting me put back the first three green 20%-off M&Ms until I got a 25%-off purple M&M. I think she was feeling generous since I had promised not to buy Sally's latest book on Amazon but wait until she got it in the store. (By the way, Sally, what's up with the bad 80's look on the cover?)

I still wouldn't place Vanessa's super-high on my list, but 25% Patagonia is a good thing. The sale's on until the end of the month, and there's no limit to the number of times you can go. I think I'll have to take the MIL when she's in town this weekend.

Oh, and I'm trying to think of a new name for this blog. I ignored my bloggiversary altogether (since I didn't know there were such things until I read C's blog), but on Kathy's urging I will move on. Knuknitter no more! Anyone have any ideas?


rattybluestockings said...

Maybe Knaughtyknitter? I mean, that panty you linked to the other day -- fweeeeet-fweeeeew. Stitcherella? Yarniac? I got a million of 'em.

P.S. Thanks for stopping by this afternoon! :) I think my mom gets worn out keeping up my comments section sometimes. Cheers!

Christina said...

KnaughtyKnitter, that's funny! As far as a new name, what do you want to highlight or say abut yourself/your knitting?

Sorry you lost your post the blogspace. And I really love the color of that Patagonia yarn.

~ Christina

Wiz Knitter said...

I'm afraid KnaughtyKnitter, fabuous tho' it is, might imply that I only knit lingerie. Hmmm. I *really* like "Stitcherella" and "Yarniac." Kathy, you should be one of those people who names things for a living. (Are there those people? Seems like there must be. Where else did "Oreos" and "Kleenex" come from?)