Thursday, October 20, 2005

Stitches is up!

How many blog posts have that entry today, I wonder? Anyway, I'm all registered -- two Sally, one Nancie (Wiseman), one Lily. My theme for the year is color -- intarsia, fair isle, and creativity. (Lily's class is on edgings, so I guess that kind of counts as long as they're colorful.) As soon as I find out if I got my first choices I'll post my full schedule.

Went to Meet-up in Santa Clara last night for the first time in a while. Went over to Knitting Arts, picked up a new Rowan book, Classic Woman. Nice vintage-look patterns, particularly fun flower pins that will make nice gifts. Knitting Arts is also discontinuing Crystal Palace and Trendsetter (are they high?), so I gathered a few random skeins for trims, etc. Nice and cheap.

Here's the promised photo of the bear costume:

Hopefully it will fit! That's 2005.18, for those who are counting. I think at last count I was around 200.14, the White Lies panty. I've now gone through 2005.15 (Vintage camisole), 2005.16 (Ugly yellow hat), and 2005. 17 (Green bolero).

Go sign up for Stitches now, y'all! See you there!


Christina said...

Cute bear costume! And that book you bought is great. I think I might add it to my Christmas list! It was great to see you at the Meetup.

~ Christina

Anonymous said...

Really CUTE bear costume, Rebecca! How you find time with your busy schedule is a puzzlement. Nice to hear you had this weekend free to goof off with Adam. See you soon. Mom W

spinnity said...

Aaaaaw, cutie bear! We totally need a pic of this on CNITU. It's going to be so cute.

rattybluestockings said...

Dang, when do you have to stop calling yourself Knuknitter and start calling yourself Masterknitter? Your stuff is awesome!

Love, your college friend Kathy who can just about manage scarves.