Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I'm baaaack!

I've also added word verification to block all those annoying blog spams. I actually got excited when I saw 6 comments on my last blog; alas, most from anonymous sploggers (blammers? blommers? splaggers?)

I'm finally back to the place where I can waste time blogging at work again -- after three weeks of rehearsal for The Two Gentlemen of Verona. Fortunately, my lack of blogging has not coincided with a lack of knitting. I finished the cute green bolero in time for Sis' birthday. Unfortunately, I neglected to take a photo before I mailed it, so I'll have to rely on her for that. It's apparently a bit small for her in her very pregnant state, but that will only last a few more months.

I also finished the bear costume for CNITU and mailed it out this morning. Photos to come! It's in an annoyingly fluffy cotton washcloth yarn from Ironstone yarns, with a baby alpaca and eyelash yarn trim.

Haven't done much more with the Gedifra tweed project, and the Zofia purse remains a UFO, waiting for a lining. Last night I made a swatch for a Debbie Bliss onesie in light blue cashmerino for the new baby. Size 3 needles -- wow. Teensy. But so soft and pretty. I'll just have to switch to a larger-needle project occasionally so I don't lose my eyesight.


spinnity said...

Welcome back, SIL! good to see you have been knitting in silence! Can't wait to see bear costume & bolero. As for trading off, I'm currently carrying projects on size 7 needles.. and zeros. Variety keeps it interesting!

Mel said...

I can't wait to see pictures too. Do post them soon!

Christina said...

Glad to hear you still have time for knitting (I'm so jealous!). Looking forward to seeing photos of everything. And I'm really going to try and mak eit to the Meetup tomorrow night so I hope to see you there and see the Debbie Bliss onesie in person (I love Cashmerino..yummy yarn!).

~ Christina