Thursday, November 04, 2004


...I guess today is the first day of the rest of our lives, or whatever it is they say. Despite a depressing indication that yes, America is just as lame as the rest of the world thinks we are, we must keep fighting the good fight. After all, how will we ever become less lame if all the cool people move to Canada?

I finished up most of the left front of blue cardy while watching election returns, bound it off in the doctor's office the nest morning while listening to the final verdict on the radio, and did the pocket last night while my sig other and I vented our frustrations, which made me feel less despondent. Seemed appropriate that it was the LEFT side of the cardigan. The side with the cute buttons, while the right side has the holes.

Then, symbolically as 'twere, I cast on both the right and left sleeve on the same set of circulars to knit them side by side. After all, the people have spoken, and though I disagree with a slight majority of them, we must carry on.

My friend Stephanie McCanles wrote this poem, and I think it's rather brilliant:

Farewell John Kerry
brave whiffle bat
partisan prince
droopy dog
the best thing we had
a man who actually had
fired a gun
seen death
and knew what war smelled like.

Good night.
May you sleep the soft sleep
of someone who did the best they could
as opposed to the waking sleep
of the grieving
the heartsick
the hopeless and confused.

In other words,
better than us.

The real work starts tomorrow
and it is unattractive
without buttons or bumper stickers
demands permanent vigilance
and a willingness to expect too much
and be disappointed.

All else has failed.
We will have to be citizens of this country.
Because if we won't claim it,
we know who will.

We are only as good as our best actions.
We are only blameless in our constant effort.
We have no choice but to fight for what we know is true

Because we started the work
and cannot give it up.
Because if it was ever worth fighting for
(in the first place)
it was worth fighting for
(in the first place)

Here is to
Our once
and Future Country.


Christina said...

What a great poem! I have been so depressed the last couple of days. You have a good point about moving to Canada. I guess we should stay and keep fighting the good fight. It definitely helps to vent to other like minded folks though.

Pretty funny that you were working on the left side of blue cardy. I can't wait to see photos of it!

spinnity said...

We had a rough time watching the concession speech here at home. I'm now thinking the best thing we can do is get the peace movement started up again.. and this time acutally go to the protests. Maybe?

Anyway.. I'm looking forward to seeing your blue-state sleeves. Hot tips for two sleeves at once:

1) Attach the two sleeves to each other somehow - safety pins or sew them to one another with contrasting yarn. This way you keep the sleeves in the proper relationship to each other.

2) Never put the work down halfway through the row, when both working yarns are right next to each other. Go 4 more stitches if you really have to stop, or finish the whole row (pair of rows?) If you stop halfway through, it's easy to get confused and make one sleeve longer than the other by 2 rows.

Happy sleeving!

Wiz Knitter said...

Thanks for the tips and the commiseration. I did a bit more on the sleeves yesterday and they seem to be working pretty well. Definitely a good idea to attach them to each other.

I have to thank the Ghosty poncho for making me a faster knitter. Only a week on the left front, and I anticipate having the sleeves done in about a week, too. Which puts me well on schedule for Christmas.