Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Thanksgiving Progress

A great weekend, from a knitting, family, and activity point of view! We had four beautiful days in Bear Valley. I finished the dk blue hood on Wednesday (did not run out of yarn!), thus completing the stockinette side of the Blue Cardy, and got about 12 cm into the Lt blue moss st side during the rest of the weekend. Would have been further, but I made a mistake while simulataneously knitting and playing Scrabble, and had to tink a few rows. Moss st requires a bit more focus than St st.

CNITU was as adorable as ever, and stood relatively still so I could try the safety-pinned pieces of the cardy on him. The sleeves are a bit short -- those French bebes are not as long-limbed as my little American nephew. I think I can fix that with blocking.

Skied Friday and Saturday while my sweetie snowboarded. There were many heated games of Sorry, Scrabble, and Backgammon in the evenings.

When I came back, there was a package from KnitWhits waiting for me! I will not mention what was inside since the intended recipients sometimes frequent this blog. But I will say that Tina Whitmore puts together a nice little package. I would mention, however, that at least on my browser, the colors are much brighter in person. Very nice colors, mind you, but a touch more vivid that I thought I was getting.

IF my luck holds out and I manage to escape jury duty this week, I will hopefully be learning to decrease in moss st at the Meet-up on Wednesday night!


Christina said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend! Congrats on getting the stockinette side of blue cardy done. If you can't stretch the sleeves with blocking then they'll just be fashionable 3/4 sleeves...right?

I'm happy to hear you like the Knitwhits stuff. I love her designs. She does use very bright, fun colors. I'm curious about what you bought...

spinnity said...

Dehr! We never talked about decreasing in seed stitch! You can a) make it up or b) look at your knitting encyclopedia or c) call me & I'll talk you thru it. It's no biggie.. you just have 2 sts the same next to each other in one or two rows.

Anonymous said...

is this what rebecca ennals has turned into?