Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Head injuries to knitters week

It's getting better! The chalazion is now a reddish, crusty scab, still ugly but distinctly smaller than it was. I can now see over my own lower eyelid, which is nice.

So I must turn my attention to poor C, who has stitches across her eyelid. It begs the question, how did this heinous thing happen? Pray tell, Christina!

To all the other knitters out there, I offer this advice: Duck. We must put an end to this epidemic!

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Christina said...

Thanks for the concern. Sadly I had a little too much fun with my sis and a bit too much to drink (I never do that). I tripped and fell, hitting my face on a metal desk. Neither graceful or pretty, but darn funny.

I'm happy to hear your chalazion is getting smaller!

~ Christina