Monday, May 02, 2005

Lingerie it is!

Well, there were very few truly decisive votes, only one on the actual blog, but it looks like at least my male friends are in favor of the White Lies Lingerie. I have to admit it looks fairly difficult, so I'll review the pattern and see if I can handle it or if I need to practice my lace skills on the Aura shawl first.

Anyway, as Spinnity points out, it's spring and one really should be knitting seasonal garments. Ah, spring, when a young man's thoughts turn to lingerie...

Knitting on the big screen: I saw Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy this weekend, which was of course disappointing since it just couldn't be as good as the books, but knitters should watch for the very cool knitting section of the movie. I expect patterns for the knitted elements to be posted on-line any day now, after all the knitting geeks have seen the movie and jumped up and down about it on their blogs. Meanwhile, here's a really delightful column about technology from the late, great Douglas Adams. Hard to know if he would have hated or loved the movie; it definitely Americanized his delightfully dry humor, but he re-wrote the story for the radio and TV shows and doesn't seem to have had much of a sense of self-importance about the whole phenomenon.

Other knitting news: The Nancie Wiseman pillow is finished and on its way to MIL. We took photos; they will be posted in the fullness of time. The Feesh Backpack is ongoing. Blue Cardy is still in various pieces. Spinnity lent me her blocking wires so that I can put final touches on Bias Betty for Mom's Day.

And to respond to C's request for button gossip: I got some teddy bear buttons for the Halloween costume I'm designing for Peter this year. Also got really tiny yellow and orange buttons just because they're so cute and leetle! (What is it about girls and little tiny things? It really is a strange impulse.) And some blue and green shell buttons that are pretty and elegant. The buttons I used for the NW Pillow are silver with a vintage floral design.


spinnity said...

Woo, lingerie! It's going to be All About Gauge to get that to fit properly. Do not make it too big! I'm guessing you want zero to -1" ease to get it to stretch properly around the figure.

Also, hey, I didn't know that pillow was a Nancy Wiseman class. I'm looking at takng her class on shortrows and color at TKGA in Oakland in July. Did you like her as a teacher? The class is N201K in this PDF list of classes:

Wiz Knitter said...

Yes, I did like her! She is sweet but with a nice edge to her and a good sense of humor. Not the genius that is Sally Melville, but not bad.

Now that my show at Stinson isn't happening, I'll have to sign up for classes at Fiber Arts! Got to get that together this week.

It will be good for me to do something where I really have to come up with exact gauge. With most of my little projects lately, gauge hasn't really been an issue.

Christina said...

Thanks for the button gossip. The shell buttons sound pretty and I'm interested to see the leetle orange and yellow buttons. Fun!

~ Christina