Tuesday, May 31, 2005

It's Baaaaack! (Chalazion II -- the terrifying sequel)

I have just returned from a WONDERFUL five days of backpacking the Lost Coast in Humboldt County, and woke up this morning to find that my eyelid hurts again. I think the chalazion is coming back. Time for the wet washcloth and eye drops! The doctor warned that this might happen. Argh!

Camp knitting: finished the adorable pair of fingerless gloves! Bound off the last stitch just as the sun was setting last night on the car trip home. The yarn is gorgeous, they're warm and cozy, and I can't wait to make another pair.

I will take a photo just as soon as I know if our camera is okay -- it took an unfortunate dip in the ocean when my DH decided to jump into the waves fully clothed, and forgot it was in his pocket. You have to know my DH to truly appreciate this story -- he gets a little crazy in the great outdoors!

Finally, I received this lovely note from Princess M's mommy: "She was so proud of her purse that Auntie Becca made for her. She took it to school for sharing on Thursday and proudly told anyone who would listen that you had made it for her. She even showed it off to people in the church office with my mom after school that day."

I have a fan! One day when she's a famous movie star, I can be her personal knitwear designer.

Looking forward to my first meet-up in ages tomorrow night -- hooray!


Christina said...

Oh No! I'm sorry to hear the chalazion is coming back. Best of luck warding it off.

It sounds like your DH and mine are a lot of like. If your camera survived I'd love to see photos of the gloves. If not, bring them to the meetup tomorrow as hopefully I can make it over too.

What a cute niece you have. And how nice to have a fan!

~ Christina

spinnity said...

Welcome back. Gloves! Must see gloves!

I hope the eye responds to drops & washcloths. I just finished an essay by Anne Lamott about lessons from a life with a facial deformity. Might be worth a smile!


Wiz Knitter said...

GREAT Lamott piece! Love it. I have to say that the chalazion has started to bother me less as a sign of physical deformity and more because it's actually painful.

The gloves and I will be at Meet-up tonight, so we'll see everyone then!

Jeff said...

Cool gloves. I'll have to remember to ask to check them out again. I think that pattern goes on my list to make. Wrist warmers are something I've been thinking about for a while.

Hope the chalazion goes away soon!