Monday, January 03, 2005

2004: Knitting in Review

Well, it wasn't one of the best years on the national front, but for me it was pretty special. The major development, of course, is my upcoming wedding which is starting to feel VERY NEAR. But second to that has to be my new hobby. I've been a knitter for six months now. And although nearly all six of them have been spent slogging through Blue Cardy, the end is in sight and I am looking forward to getting the darn thing off the needles and into finishing land. I have everything but about a third of the hood and the sleeves done now in the light blue, thanks to some heavy knitting in the Midwest. However, I am almost positive I am going to run out of yarn. I plan to run praying into Knitting Arts hoping that they still have my dye lot.

But let's leave the ubiquitous B.C. for the mo, and think about the major accomplishments of the last six months:

1. My first project, a little skullcap in Anny Blatt angora. Although not perfect, the fuzzy yarn hides most of the problems. The pattern's a little odd and I would knit it bigger next time, but I do wear it a lot anyway.

2. The matching scarf. Quick and easy with a coordinated lace pattern. I wear it constantly.

3. Fuzzy-Sparkly Poncho in Paris Nights and Softy. Gotta love this project, worked out perfectly and I wear it whenever I can. I get constant compliments and no one can believe I made it myself. My biggest personal success.

4. Ghosty. The often-frustrating but much-appreciated Halloween costume for Cutest Nephew in the Universe.

5. And of course, Blue Cardigan. 'Nuff said on that front.

Life after Blue Cardy -- I plan to do some quick wraps for the bridesmaids on BIG NEEDLES with a simple drop-stitch pattern. I hope these will go quickly and painlessly. I MIGHT design a little purse for the wedding, but my roommate just gave me an adorable vintage beaded purse which I'll probably use instead.

I got a TON of new knitting patterns for Christmas, so of course my head is teaming with ideas, but I must get this whole marriage thing taken care of first. Priorities, priorities.


Christina said...

Happy New Year to you too! I've really enjoyed reading your blog and knitting with you at the meetups. See you Wednesday!

(Oh and keep up the good work on blue're almost there!)

spinnity said...

Wow, put all together, it's a very productive knitting year! Congratulations! It's been so much fun to knit with you and to watch you just plunge in to some really challenging projects. I hope 2005 is just as fabulous in the personal realm, and if we could just squeeze in a little national or international improvement.. that would rock.

Also, if Knitting Arts doesn't have your yarn anymore, consider a contrasting stripe to finish the sleeves!