Thursday, January 06, 2005

Good luck and Meeting Up

Lesson learned yesterday: even if the yarn store says they don't have a yarn, if they're in the middle of a sale and things are chaotic, they might actually have it. Case in point: Knitting Arts DID have Rowan 4-ply cotton in 136, dye lot 7D3. It was at the bottom of a little basket on the floor. Looks like they might be discontinuing 4-ply cotton, because there were just a few balls of a few different colors. There was a nice spring green color and a pretty Aegean blue, but I couldn't think of anything to make with them. Anyway, there were more purchases to be made at my favorite LYS! Hooray for the 20% off sale!

It was a very Rowan kind of day -- I'm an English girl, after all, and we must have our Rowan. I got Kidsilk Haze in a nice light brown to make Belle Epoque from the current issue of Knitty. I got a couple of balls of black 4-ply cotton to make trim for the camisole from Vintage Knits that I keep intending to make -- I already have some pink for the main body of the cami. I also got some Tweed in a bluish-grey to make the girly ribbon-trimmed socks in the current issue of Interweave Knits. I want to make the hat to match, but they didn't have that yarn. I also got The Purl Stitch by Sally Melville -- virtually free since I had a $20 off coupon.

Then we all trooped across the street to Blue Rock Shoot for the Meet-up. A nice friendly crowd, not as big as some of our other meet-ups, but not shabby, either. There were some gorgeous yarns and impressive projects -- P's creative floor pillow using all kinds of leftover yarn gets my vote for best project of the night. Spinnity was nearly done with the entrelac socks for her birthday! C was getting started on a fluffy, warm, cuddly blanket in a combination of soft and yummy neutral yarns. M, whose taste in yarn is divine, was making a purple hat to match a scarf she already made. I, a new Russian member, had some gorgeous multi-colored wool. J, our first male meet-up member, had a great purple-and-blue scarf in a gorgeous soft yarn. There were lots more that I'm forgetting. As for me, I finished binding off the two sides of the hood and made some progress on the strip that goes down the center back. Probably could have finished it last night, but I opted for sleep instead.


Christina said...

It was great to see you at the Meetup last night. Thanks for the recap on what everyone was making. It's nice to have that to refresh my memory!

And congrats again on finding the rest of the yarn for blue cardy!

spinnity said...

Hi sweetie! I think notes on who was knitting what at meetup is a great idea. Maybe we should post something after each session to remind ourselves later what happened.

Hey, and what's the Blue Hoodie update one week after meetup?? I hope it's going along swimmingly!