Thursday, January 13, 2005

Something new on the needles

I had to do it, had to do something to break the monotony of Blue Cardy. So... Tuesday night I went out to a wonderful dive bar near work called El Rio for cheap margarita night, and a couple of friends and I drank several and played pool very badly (Tuesday is also free pool night). I came home around 9 still feeling a little giddy, and the LAST thing I wanted to do was take out those little blue sleeves and teensy needles.

I pulled out the slippery brown-and-green bundles of Crystal Palace ribbon yarn I bought at great expense for the bridesmaids' wraps, and I cast on about 50 stitches, and knit a few rows in the drop-stitch pattern I used for Fuzzy Sparkly poncho. Not bad! Not sure I'll keep it, not sure if I'll pull it out, definitely need to confer with Spinnity on this one, but it was nice to have great big 10 1/2 needles in my hands (my new Denise ones) and some different yarn for a change.

Back to Blue Cardy -- no fear, I have not abandoned him; in fact, I had jury duty yesterday and today (and not tomorrow, thank goodness), and one thing jury duty is good for is lots of KIP. I am advancing along both sleeves quite nicely and yes, the end is in sight.

Finally, for those who have been waiting with bated breath, I got a package in the mail from the Yarn of the Month club. The jury is still out, so to speak ;-), since I haven't swatched any of the little teeny samples, but I quite like the Two.Two Classic Elite pink wool yarn and matching felted bag pattern. The soy Phoenix yarn from Southwest Trading Co. is intriguing -- who knew they could make yarn from soy? The bi-monthly newsletter is fairly worthless. I'll bring the whole thing to the Meet-up next Wednesday so everyone can have a feel. Yay for tactile textiles!


Christina said...

I'm so impressed with your dedication to blue cardy. You definitely shouldn't feel guilty about starting something new. I usually have several different projects going at once so I don't go crazy.

Your Tuesday night out sounds fun...hooray for free pool and cheap margaritas!

I look forward to seeing the newsletter, yarn and patterns from the YOTM club.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, jury duty. But it definitely boosts the knitting productivity. Hurray, KIP! I can't wait to see the sleeves and the Crystal Palace knit up.

On the yarn of the month club.. I have some of that bamboo yarn. I was gonna make a baby garment out of it and then saw that it says handwash only on the label. Boogers. Must either find just the right finnicky mom or a new project for this yarn.

spinnity said...

Whoops, logged my comment as anonymous, but really I'm me!

Wiz Knitter said...

As I read this I realized I forgot to bring the YOTM samples with me to Knitting Meetup. Next week! That's what's so great about 2 Meetups a month.