Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Where on earth have I been?

At endless auditions, that's where. I spent three straight days at Theatre Bay Area's general auditions, and I've got another four days of our auditions and callbacks to go. Which brings up an interesting dilemma:

When is it okay to KIP? When is it rude?

When I was at jury duty, it was perfectly okay. I mean, people were reading newspapers, and knitting takes less concentration than that. Not that I was ever in the courtroom, just the training part.

It is perfectly okay to knit in the movies, because the actors aren't really there. However, I find it hard to knit in the dark, so I only knit when I'm watching a movie on DVD.

Auditions are tricky. I mean, I can focus on an audition when I am knitting, just like I can focus when I'm watching CSI and knitting. But what if an actor was to look out and see me knitting? That might imply that I found them dull and needed to do something else. (That implication might even be true.) It might also imply that I am casting Shakespeare productions and therefore not particularly interested in their lovely rendition of "Some Enchanted Evening," which is certainly true. But I have been on that side of the proscenium and I think it would have thrown me off to see someone knitting in the audience.

So I abstained. 24 hours worth of auditions and potential knitting time, and I only knitted during the breaks. Nearly killed me. I kept looking over at my little bag of yarn, usually while someone was butchering Cole Porter, but I resisted. I stared at the stage until my eyes hurt.

The end result is that I STILL have not finished those little blue sleeves. About three centimeters to go. So close it hurts.

Meanwhile, I haven't done much with the wedding wraps. I find myself unsure of how to proceed, and I have gone to Spinnity for her wisdom. DD has also offered up useful pattern ideas, thanks DD! J has shared lovely lacy patterns, but they are a bit complex for the short time remaining.

Where else have I been? In the surreal place known as Wedding Planning Land. I find it hard to focus on anything other than favor boxes, shoes, and Mother-of-the-Bride dresses. Does ANYONE know where to find Mother-of-the-Bride dresses that are not hideous and come in size 2 petite?

The one moment of sanity was when my SO and I abandoned the whole buying-a-house thing in favor of renting. I instantly felt more relaxed. We are signing a lease tonight on an adorable two-bedroom duplex on the Peninsula, walking distance to downtown and the park, extra-cute with little built-ins everywhere, hardwood floors, and a fireplace.


spinnity said...

Hey, there you are! I was just telling your SO last night how much I miss you two in the pre-wedding craze. I hope you are getting your sleep and eating your veg.

Can't wait to see Cardy sleeves (two ways to lengthen.. one means ripping.. the other adds length at the top after the incs are done - just keep going. Obviously matching dark blue sleeves would have to get longer too!)

Hope to see you soon, soon, soon!

Christina said...

Wow, you have quite a bit on your plate right now! It must have been sooo hard not to knit during the auditions. I don't know if I could have been so strong willed.

Sorry I don't have any suggestions on where to get MOTB dresses that aren't hideous and are a size 2 petite.

Congrats on making a decision on your housing! The duplex sounds great. And you'll be closer on the Peninsula...hooray!

~ Christina