Friday, February 04, 2005


I took Wednesday off in order to catch up with Life stuff (Life meaning wedding, moving, and knitting), after two weekends in a row of Work stuff (casting Much Ado About Nothing for the Shakespeare Festival.) And I finally got around to opening that thick envelope from Stitches West.

Lo and behold! I have oodles of homework to do before the 11th!

I got a fair start last night on a swatch for Sally Melville's grafting class. I used some exciting little bits of yarn from my Yarn of the Month club membership (Kiss by King Yarns, a gorgeous soft acrylic and wool blend, and Prairie Silk by Brown Sheep, a sexy silk, mohair, and wool blend). Of course, the swatch ends up being pretty long and complex, so I have to order more of the yarn. No skin off my nose, since it's lovely, lovely yarn.

Last night I also threw myself at the feet of my yarn mentor Spinnity, pleading for wisdom on the wedding wraps. She researched and swatched (while I did my homework like a good girl) and has come up with some very nice ideas for the precious hand-dyed Prism ribbon yarn. More news to come on that front, but we may actually get somewhere with these. I should also issue public thanks to Spinnity for the beautiful Charlotte shawl she made for me to go over my wedding dress. I picked out the colors a while ago, and through some miracle managed to choose all the colors in the wedding. It's very pretty and I know I will use it for much more than just the wedding.

And finally, the news you have all been waiting for: how is Blue Cardy?! Oh, my friends, it is just so close. So close. About 14 rows to go and it will be done. But I've only been doing about a row a day, since I've been busy packing in the evenings rather than knitting. But I am so looking forward to getting it off the needles and into finishing land!


spinnity said...

So fun knitting with you last night! So far I have tried that mesh stitch on 15's (too floppy) and 11's (too tight)... stay tuned for photos of same on 13's. Think of me tonight crocheting the edges of Charlotte-the-wedding-memento & watching the Two Fat Ladies episode about Afternoon Tea. See you Sunday.

Christina said...

I hate homework. :( Sorry you have so much to do...but at least it's knitting homework!

Doesn't it seem like the last few rows of aproject go the slowest? Best of luck on finishing blue cardy.

And post some photos of Charlotte shawl once you get. I'd love to see it!

~ Christina